Be GDPR Compliant


As the date of the 25th May looms ever nearer, more and more companies are now paying serious attention as to what they have to do to become GDPR compliant. Simply Shredding can assist you in three main areas:

1. Secure destruction of paperwork.
2. IT Destruction and disposal.
3. Document storage.

Secure Destruction of Paperwork.
Businesses should only retain the documents that they are legally obliged to hold. Therefore many companies keep old records in boxes or on shelving and forget all about them. It will greatly assist you as a company to employ Simply Shredding to remove, destroy and provide you with a certificate of destruction hence helping you become GDPR compliant

IT Destruction & Disposal.
Check around your building to ensure that you do not have any old pieces of IT equipment hanging around with data contained within them. Loss of such items, even if redundant, can consequently lead to hefty fines. Simply Shredding can remove these pieces and in addition, destroy the hard drives and recycle items to WEEE standards.

Document Storage.
So, despite the move to paperless offices the most businesses still keep paper records. So you need to determine where these especially relevant records are kept and how secure they are. Simply Shredding can store records for a very small amount of money and as a result, this will buy with it enhanced GDPR approval.
In conclusion, call Simply Shredding Grimsby,  part of the Goodwins Removal of Lincolnshire Group, today to see how they can help you