To pack up a house is very stressful never mind the time it takes. To be packing up the house as well as everything else that is involved in moving home can cause so much stress you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. So much to remember it’s easy for it all to get too much for you to cope with and you start to forget important things. It can take weeks to pack everything up and ready to move, planning this well can save you time but even better to have our professional team come in a pack up the house for you.

A full professional packing service is available from Goodwins to ensure that all of your precious effects arrive at your new house exactly as they left the old one. We use modern bespoke packaging to protect your personal belongings.

Taking care of your valuables

Everything is packed up carefully and well looked after whilst you then have the time to take care of other jobs that need to be done when you move. It’s surprising how having a team come and take care of your house packing helps relieve some of the stress of your moving day. Goodwins have many years of experience in packing and moving home whether it’s a move not far away or in a complete location change we can help you move.

You can complete the forms online and we can quote for your moving price however if you would prefer you can contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs. Let Goodwins help you move safe in the knowledge you are in “Good” hands.

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