Containerised furniture storage is the modern professional way to store your furniture and effects in bespoke furniture containers.




Some of the questions you may have about this service may be ‘What is containerised storage? And ‘Is it safe?’ Containerised Storage starts by loading our vans with storage containers, we then bring these directly to your house and load the storage container with your goods. It is a safe and secure service, thanks to the precautions that we take. Our trained staff will carefully pack your items into the storage unit to avoid accidental damage. They will then cover the furniture with multi-layered woven blankets to protect your items in storage . There will be an inventory made of the items in the unit, this is for your reference in case you need something our. The container system also avoids any chance of the loss of your goods. You can be assured that our Containerised Storage service is safe and secure.

We then transport the containerised storage units back to our warehouse, which is over 500,000 cubic feet in size. Once at our warehouse the storage unit will be stacked, three high, in our specially designed centre. During storage, they are never opened, unless you ask for us to deliver them to your home or you require access to our warehouse. Our employees have no casual access to your items at all – you are the only person who can get to them. From this, it is easy to see why we are regarded as one of the most secure Containerised Storage services.

We have a complete and secure service; you don’t have to do anything. After you call us up, you don’t have to stress or worry about anything. Not only that, but we have some of the most competitive prices in the area. We treat each customer as an individual and always aim to offer the best possible price for them.

Incredible security, stress-free, low prices – what else could you ask for? If you are looking for a Containerised Storage Grimsby service then Goodwins Removals is a business you can trust. If you want to arrange your pick-up date or even just ask a question, call 01472 343995 today.