Archive Storage and Document Management

 Archive Storage




The Benefits:

First of all releases valuable office space.
Further more the system Provides fast, accurate retrieval.
In addition the Bar code Archive Storage system offers a complete audit trail to prevent errors.
As a result the system Saves Time and Money.
While Releasing management and admin staff for other vital functions.
Further more the system Provides regular reports for Archive document Management.
Future proof – Archive Storage systems can be adapted for changing technology.
Flexibility – companies can start at any Storage level and therefore expand as their business requirements change


 Archive Storage Depot Archive Storage Secure Wharehouse

Doculink offers a basic level of Archive Storage for documents. This allows companies to place boxed documents in long-term storage and retrieve them if called to do so.

Doculink have taken the service one stage further to include Document Management. This is a comprehensive storage and retrieval system of individual files or documents which may be in intermittent or even regular use. These include commercial documents, legal papers, hospital records, financial accounts, etc. All documents may be called for when needed and delivered within a few hours.

All information storage systems have the benefit of releasing valuable office space and reducing the time companies have to spend in filling and retrieval. Doculink is efficient, practical and will save money for the business. We can be adapted to suit changing technologies and are flexible enough to react to developing business needs.

Doculink helps you to avoid the risk of staff tripping over boxes that have been stacked in corridors or fire escapes or any other ‘spare space’ that tends to get filled with old

but important paperwork. Also remember that the HSE issue guidelines regarding manual handling weight limits for office staff. Negate this risk by allowing Doculink to provide services to complete these tasks


Bulk storage discounts are available please ask for details

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money on your current costs.

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