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Sending all of your valuable and personal effects into storage is a very large undertaking, you are entrusting nearly everything you own to a complete stranger. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know of the companies reputation ?
How long has that company been established ?
Do they offer containerised storage ?
Do they only employ full time staff ?
Have they got adequate security ?
Do they have the experience ?
Have you visited the Warehouse ?
With over 500,000 cubic feet of storage space available, let Goodwins take care of your precious effects

Goodwins Containerised Storage

Your removal into store will start in our warehouse where our specially designed furniture containers will be loaded onto one of our fleet of purpose built container vans.

Once at your property these containers are accessed through side loading doors by special ramp systems.

The removal crew will load your effects, carefully packing the items into the containers using multi-layered woven furniture blankets for protection. At the same time an inventory of the contents is being compiled, a copy of which you will receive at the end of the removal.

Once full the containers are closed and sealed with ‘clamps’, then transported back to our warehouse.

Once at our warehouse they are removed from the vehicle and stacked up to three high in our specially designed and built furniture warehouse.

Once leaving your house the containers will not be opened for any reason unless you either require access at our warehouse or ask us to deliver them to your new home.

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