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Office Shred.
For many years now Simply Shredding has been providing a confidential shredding service to companies of all sizes. As a result we have the experience to provide solutions to one-man bands to large PLC companies.

Our Office Services.
We therefore offer three levels of service to any business no matter what size they are. These range from supplying shredding bags, to delivering in wheelie bins and installing office consoles. Therefore, we are happy to perform a onetime only collection of old records or provide a regular four weekly shredding service.

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Smaller Companies (Little Acorns).
Small businesses usually have space issues and keeping records for a long time often ends up in cluttering the home, garage and/or small business unit. For a small charge we can also assist you in making more room. Consequently, freeing space taken up due to piles of boxes containing paperwork that you don’t need to keep anymore.

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bins and Consoles.

Simply Shredding can arrange for a regular collections of your confidential waste. In addition an annual contract will be issued and collections will therefore be tailored to suit your business and your requirements. Finally there are two options on collection units. Some customers prefer the lockable wheelie bin. Others like to have a more stylish lockable office console.


Medium to Large Companies (Large Oak Trees)
For larger businesses there is usually a more regular need to keep expensive rental space free for better usage. Structural issues are also the call to action for Simply Shredding to be involved as in the past companies have traditionally used attics to store large amounts of paperwork.
With central city office space at a premium removing surplus confidential paperwork on a regular basis is a sensible solution.

Green Issues
It doesn’t matter these days how small or large your company is. There is already, and will be increasingly so in the future, an expectation to destroy waste in an environmental manner. By choosing Simply Office Shred to take care of any confidential or waste paper you can be sure that you will be helping achieve your company’s environmental policy.
Plant A Tree Today
If your company would like to help support the Woodland Trust to plant a tree or a group of trees for a small donation, then contact and we will be pleased to help you achieve this for very little cost.

Wheelie Bins and Office Consoles

We can provide a lockable wheelie bin with a slotted lid and lockable office consoles containing a large shredding bag. Our charges are based on one collection per calendar month plus VAT.


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