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International Removals

Moving abroad can throw up unexpected problems and talking to an expert early on can avoid trouble later. Getting Goodwins Removals involved in your re-location as early as possible will ensure your Move will be a success.

international removals

Loaded and ready to go

Timing is very important and Goodwins will do everything possible to make sure your things arrive when you want them. We will discuss with you the best and most economical method of shipment – sea, air, road, or perhaps a combination of all three. We will then tell you how much it will all cost and give you an estimate of the expected time of arrival at your new home. If there are any particular difficulties or common delays at your destination country, Goodwins will tell you and take all possible steps to keep them to a minimum.

Moving to another continent.

If you are moving to another continent, your possessions will be packed in a shipping container for the voyage and the cost of your move will be calculated on the amount of space you use. Making the best use of that space and making sure your possessions are properly protected is a highly skilled task and Goodwin Removals have the expertise and the materials needed to do a professional job. A poorly-packed container wastes money and can increase the chances of damage to precious possessions during a long sea voyage. When you’ve decided what to take, and what to leave behind, Goodwins will arrange to carefully export pack your belongings ready for the trip.

All packed cartons and packages will be listed. If you use the whole container the shipment will probably be loaded at your house and taken straight to the ship. Smaller shipments go back to the warehouse for loading as a ‘part load’.

You don’t have to use a whole container; Goodwins run very efficient ‘part-load’ services to popular destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA. You just pay for the space you use.

international removals by sea

International Removals by Sea


It’s sometimes a good idea to send a few things by air to arrive ahead of the sea shipment. It’s expensive and based on the weight as well as the volume, but some items, such as equipment for work, baby clothes or sports equipment, might be best sent by air if you don’t want to be without them for long. But remember, even by air it can take possessions several days to reach their destination so don’t send anything by air that you’ll need immediately on arrival.

If you want to send an air consignment Goodwins will handle all the packing and make the arrangements for you.


Goodwins will pay the freight charges to the shipping line and so will ask you to settle your bill before the shipment is collected. This advance payment policy is standard practice throughout the overseas removal industry.

When you arrive

Goodwins will appoint a Destination Partner to look after your possessions when they arrive. They will organise customs clearance and delivery to your new home. Goodwins will also arrange temporary storage if required. The Destination Partner is a real international moving company that works with Goodwins regularly on shipments both to and from the UK. Trust them: they are familiar with the local regulations, conditions and culture.

Insurance and extended liability

Even though we will take every care to protect your property during the move, there are many risks associated with moving overseas, some beyond the control of the moving company, and adequate cover is highly recommended. You should cover your possessions against all risks of physical loss and damage in transit.

Top Tips

  • Ask Goodwins for advice on what to take: we have done it thousands of times before and really do know what we are talking about.
  • Sending possessions by air is faster, but will be much more expensive than a sea shipment. Even airfreight can take several days so if you can’t live without it, carry it with you, or buy again when you arrive. Ask Goodwins for more information.
  • Make sure you have your travel tickets and passports with you. It may seem crazy but people can and do send them with the shipment by accident.
  • Don’t plan the move for the day of your flight. Move a day or two before you fly and arrive at the airport relaxed.
  • Involve children in the moving process right from the start: it helps them get used to the idea – and their opinions matter too.
  • Shipping pets is a specialist business: ask your Goodwins to recommend a reliable animal shipping company to help.
  • Give Goodwins over as much notice as possible of your preferred moving date, particularly if you move in the summer when it’s really busy.


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