DVLA Enforcement Clamp down on Excessivly Loading Vans

A Long Time Coming!

DVLA clamp down on operators operating 3 1/2 ton Luton and low loading vans. A Company has taken to court in Bristol after been found to be operating carrying a load far in access

The permitted Gross Vehicle weight of a 3500kg vehicle, for example, is the total permitted weight of the vehicle including the load, driver, passengers and fuel. To legally operate vehicles exceeding 3500kg requires an Operators Licence.

The company had an history of overloading vans. Their vans were stopped twice in a period of a month whilst overloaded. 33% and 46% overloads were recorded on each occasion. The company was fined £22,000 for the first offence and £26,000 for the second offence. A total company fine of £48,000 + costs. In addition the Drivers were fined £1,848.00 and £2,464.00 + costs respectively (DVSA Enforcement twitter feed 15/05/2019 at 6.08pm)

Excessive Loading